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About Us
FMG-LLC-SFICO primary mission is to be "THE" international sales and marketing organization for manufacturers wanting to establish or enhance their presence in the regions of North America, India, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America. We represent Manufactures from USA, Canada, and India. We also work directly with Country distributors focusing in market development and training for their customer base. Our company is a direct contractor of the manufactures we represent, it is to say that we are hired by the Manufacture and we do not add any additional charges or cost to the net pricing. The purchases are direct between the Manufacture and the distributor.

FMG-LLC-SFICO bjective is to help manufacturers and In-country distributors, gain incremental sales by representing the manufacture and their products in the international marketplace providing a professional, organized sales force, working with distribution to create demand for the products. Our organization will deal with local customer service issues as well. FMG-LLC-SFICO was founded on October 1995 and over 30 years experience in Mfg, Sales & Marketing to fulfill a need of prospective companies and country Distributors. We found that some companies have some type of international organization in place, but may have lacked experience in the market place to be able to be successful working with distribution. FMG-LLC-SFICO will represent manufactures products in the international markets by building on strong established relationships with key business contacts in the targeted countries. These markets are heavily populated and the governments of these countries are developing ways to raise the standard of living. This indicates that they are poised and ready for rapid growth in the next 5-10 years.

FMG-LLC-SFICO offers a tremendous opportunity for the manufacturer and Importer/Distributor to participate in incremental sales that may not been available to the manufacturer or distributor before. FMG-LLC-SFICO will do this with professional associates who will be working with the customer base they already have established. FMG-LLC-SFICO looks forward to working with your organization be it a manufacturer or a distributor to establish a strong international and local presence for you in the growing lucrative markets of North America, India, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America

About Us